Thursday, August 30, 2012

the goose loves the east side

hey! it's been a little while! what have you been up to?

yeah, i've been busy too. holding down the fort, while billy was gone.
and then playing on the east side. of the united states. see?

i've been hiking in the most fashionable shoes ever. (keen tan=sexy)

and taking plenty of naps.

we took some walks, and ate outside.

and folded laundry for two hours straight.

i made some mac n cheese - the fancy boxed kind, velveeta!
the kind i never splurged on in college.

and i let the dog sleep in the bed with me. or maybe he let me sleep in my bed with him. bed dog hog.

then i flew to boston.

and visited trinity church and stood under the tallest building there.

and crossed the finish line for the 116th Boston Marathon. without even running 26.2 miles.

and stood outside the arena where the bruins (NHL) and celtics (NBA) play.

and then i flew to new york to enjoy some tasty greek food.

 and to visit the NHL flagship fan store.

besides doing a little work, i noshed on surf n turf sliders and cocktails with prosecco.

and accidentally ordered an $8 bottle of water. at least it has my name on it.
(thank you, work, for picking up the tab)

and then i hopped on a boat to see lady liberty.

 from all angles.

and ellis island.

and the new york skyline from the hudson river.

(the one that's 2/3 glass and 1/3 black - and really tall - is the new world trade center)

and then i ate mac n cheese with mushrooms at the macbar in soho. 

and after burning all those cheese calories by walking through central park,
i treated myself to a beer on amsterdam avenue (upper west side).

and then everybody came back to portland, took a big sigh of relief (and exhaustion) and spent the next week laying low. and teaching the dog how to sit like a proper gentlemandog.

and i haven't forgotten about you all. i'll be back soon. i promise.

(full disclosure -  we would never waste our time teaching bentley something as ridiculous as crossing his legs.
he did that all by himself.)