Friday, September 7, 2012

the goose loves the return of tuesday's ten

Just ignore the fact that today is Friday. Just like I'm ignoring the fact that I have yet to buy Billy his birthday presents. For his birthday tomorrow. And I'm ignoring the fact that I have more boxes unchecked, than checked, on my to-do list. Just join me in avoiding reality.

1. It's unfortunately hard to avoid reality when it made a bright-purple stain on your carpet. This one goes straight to, which is the perfect website for feeling better about your own misbehaving pets.

2. Billy brought home all of these. And we don't even really eat apples unless they are baked with cinnamon and sugar. So guess who's making birthday pies this weekend.

3. Jambalaya was on the menu last weekend, with grilled shrimp. And extra cajun seasoning.

4. I bought a half-flat of berries at the farmer's market last week, so it's berry-baking-time around here. These were raspberry cheesecake muffins. Yeah, I know. Cheesecake. In a muffin.

5. We took advantage of the long weekend (yay for labor day!) by packing a picnic and going to Champoeg Park about 45 min south of Portland. (That's pronounced "Shampoo-ey" for all you non-American Indian speakers.) Sandwiches, chips, and beer=best picnic ever.
And not a bad view, either.

6. Shady boys.
And tired beagle, aka angel beagle.

7. And no picnic is complete without a stop in historic Butteville (yeah, bring on the grade-school butt jokes) for some icecream. That's Birthday Cake on the right (for me) and marionberry pie on the left (for Billy).
Hot Stuff.

8. We finished up the weekend with some homemade bbq chicken pizza on the grill. That's Billy's first edition signature bbq sauce, homemade crust, and chicken/mozzarella/red onions/pineapple/green bell peppers.
Mmmm melty.

9. To keep other dogs (humans?) from discovering his little treasures, Bentley typically tries to hide his poops as they come out. See Exhibit A below. You bury that bum in that fern, Bents - nobody will ever find that poop. Especially since Dad's going to pick it up right after you're done anyway.

10. And lastly, as we move away from poop chat, since I probably won't be back here tomorrow, a very special happy birthday to my favorite husband Billy. Here's to the big 8-2. Or is it just 2-8? Time goes so quickly.
 Love you boo.