Tuesday, February 28, 2012

the goose loves tuesday's ten

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Tuesday's Ten! I know there is no shortage of clever daily alliteration style posts, but I also know that this blog isn't the most original in the world (are any blogs ever original?), so I'm happy to join the trend.

Besides trying to make it with the "in" crowd, starting a post of this style is an ambitious step toward getting more thoughts out of my head and onto the figurative paper. It will also encourage me to go with a more personal and conversational style, rather than just blogging projects and recipes. Those will come too, though, never you worry.

So here goes 10 thoughts for Tuesday night. In no particular order. With plenty of puppy.

1. On any given hour of most given nights, you'll find Bentley like this. Except maybe with a blanket sometimes. And every half hour or so, he gets up, walks over to the wall, and slumps down against it to cool off.
2. If I ever have energy after work again or can find enough time on the weekends, I'll actually make good progress with the project for which I'm using all these beautiful fabrics.
3. Our Valentine's weekend (two weeks ago) was spent on a much needed bedroom makeover. And our outside patio looked like this for much of Saturday and Sunday. If only I can get the finishing touches done, I can show you all the new beauty.
4. Right this instant, as we (at least until Billy fell asleep) watch a marathon of "Party Down" episodes before they are no longer on Netflix, Bentley is sleeping between Billy's legs, with his head resting on Billy's cushy rear end. A cozy spot? I wouldn't know.
5. In less than two weeks, I'll escape from work to enjoy a beautifully long weekend with Billy and the girls in Hood River, OR. Even though it won't be quite this sunny, it'll be wonderful to enjoy my first vacation days this year. And when your work weeks are 90+ hours, vacation sounds completely luxurious and cannot come soon enough.
6. After tomorrow, it'll be March. And 17 days after that, it'll be St. Patrick's day! Which means two things, really - I should get out my Irish/Scottish decor (and print off the free printable below) and I should start running, since I'm signed up for the 8K at the Shamrock Run on March 18. Ready, go.
7. My dog is obsessed with food. And maybe we aren't super good puppy-parents about disciplining him. But look at those eyes! This was yesterday night, when I was eating a bowl of cereal. He decided that sitting next to me on the couch was not quite close enough to the Cheerios, so he wrapped himself around my neck, scarf style. But that's okay - he's the cutest and warmest scarf I own.
8. Last December, I attempted making a dress like the one below. It was going great until I realized that the bodice should be more 3D instead of 2D, if you get what I mean. (My dad reads this, you know.) But I have the material for Round 2, and I'm ready to tackle this once and for all. After I get to those other things, like sleeping and eating and playing with Bentley.

 9. Once I make the lace dress above, I'll need some hot shoes like these to go with it. And then I just need somewhere fancy to go...
10. Well Christmas and New Years quickly passed before I got a chance to send out some holiday cards. Luckily, I generally got them together in time for Valentine's Day, which was a perfect excuse to remind our friends and family that we love them. I'll get those up here eventually, but for now, I'll leave you with one of the "outtakes" from our little photo shoot, done with world-renowned photographer Carolyn.

Congrats for getting through my first Tuesday's Ten! Come back next Tuesday for even more fun, maybe with less words next time.

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