Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the goose loves tuesday's ten - beagle style! (#15)

Welcome, friends, to a Tuesday post, posted on a Tuesday!

A special hello to all the beagle-lovers out there. And to those not fond of my big-eared, tail-waggin, wet-nosed little devil, go read another blog. Or just get off the computer and ask yourself why in the world you don't love dogs. That means you, dad. :)

Coming off of a busy couple work weeks, being out of town, and a business trip in Seattle, the past week was spent in recovery mode - cleaning, organizing, laundry, cooking, etc. i.e. really boring things to take photos of and write about on the blog.

So I figured 10 Bentley things would make much better reading. He definitely is much better looking than laundry.

1. Last weekend we had a freak hail storm. In about 2 minutes, the sky dropped down enough hail to practically cover the ground. Bentley just wanted to eat it.

2. Nothing more cozy than sleepy on Billy's butt. (Cozy for dogs, that is...)

3. We bought some veggies from a farm stand this weekend, and brought our bag in, with our other groceries, and set them all on the floor. Bentley was of course super curious about the groceries, as always, and poked his head into each bag. We put away the food and then realized Bentley was carefully guarding his blanket under the table. Actually he was carefully guarding the tomato he pilfered from our grocery bag. Since we dislike eating veggies that dogs have slobbered on and sunk their teeth into, we rewarded Bentley's mischief by giving him the whole thing. Outside.
Fun poops after eating a whole tomato.

4. Not sure who's sleepier, but I do know who drank more that night...

5. Sleepy Sunny Sundays.

I may be resting myself on the garage, but my sniffer still works.

6. Lesson #1 on awkwardly holding a dog: lift from below, to properly display the wiener.

7. To avoid the vaccuum, curl up on Mr. Moose and hold tight to Mr. Kitty.

8. Do normal dogs sit like this?

9. Pretty sure this dog is part cat.

10. This face means: "You really should share that piece of chicken with me, because I have the cutest eyes and the softest ears and the best smile. And did you know I love chicken??"

What? There's more?

Since I already showed you what Billy looks like hammered (see #4), it's only fair to watch Bentley get hammered. As if he doesn't already have 17 other dog chew toys:

His neck looks so long in this one...

Just a regular hammer lover.

And that's all for today, folks. Now I suggest you finish wrapping and sending my birthday present.

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