Friday, June 3, 2011

bentley loves (chewing on) beds

The day we brought Bentley home, we bought him a round little purple puppy bed, with a padded bottom and cushiony sides. He loved sleeping in it (see poorly-lighted photo below). Isn't he so small and cute?!?!
As he grew, he still enjoyed sleeping and snuggling in his little bed, often with his stuffed puppy toy. However, he also enjoyed chewing on it and destroying it just as much as sleeping in it.Sometimes he didn't sleep in his little bed, but instead slept in our big bed. I think this is one of my favorite pictures of him - little puppy sleeping next to his big puppy toy.
Here's a sleepy little Bentley next to his puppy toy again - they were best friends until Bentley ripped the stuffing out of its tummy.

But as time went on, the bed became more raggedy as Bentley chewed on it, and Bentley got bigger, too, while the bed stayed the same. Not so perfect fit here:

So I decided I'd make Bentley a new bed! We got a piece of foam at JoAnns, on sale for 50% off, and a yard and a quarter of fleece, also 50% off.

I measured the foam and sewed the material together, pillowcase-style, to fit. On the closed corners, I sewed a seam diagonally, cutting off the "sharp" corners that would stick out from the foam and give Bentley more leverage to chew on.

I then cut out a flap to seal the "pillowcase" like an envelope, and sewed it to one of my loose ends. I then folded the loose corners like a present and pulled the flap down over the edge and onto the back of the bed. I secured the flap with several velcro strips and squares, and sewed them down to ensure a "long" life.

I probably should have taken a photo of the envelope flap closure... oh well.

Overall, Bentley loves his new bed. He lays on it while we make dinner (usually with the motivation of some small treats or bits of cheese) and likes to chew on his bone on it. He usually ends up laying across the whole thing and sometimes hangs off the edge... if his bone falls and rolls on the floor, he goes to get it and climbs back on the bed, resettles himself, and continues chewing.

Somtimes he lays on the bed with just his tummy and arms, and his feet still on the floor. Hilarious.

He still likes to chew on the bed and drag it around, and I'm not ready for my hard work to go to waste yet, so sometimes his bed is confiscated. But when he's good and sleepy, he really enjoys laying down on it and takes good care of his little sharkies. Hopefully it'll last him awhile longer!

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