Sunday, January 29, 2012

the goose loves puppy coats

Greetings, my dutiful readers! Welcome back to my blog! A lot has happenend since I was last here... the year changed to 2012, it snowed, and I did a lot of things without blogging them! I did even more without taking photos, so you'll never know about that stuff...

But I think I'm back for good, ready to get back on the blogger train and give you some interesting things to read about. Hopefully.

We'll start with one for the pooch, the cutest thing about my blog. Last winter, we bought Bentley a red checkered fleece sweater-coat thing. Here it is, to refresh your memory.

Well, believe it or not, the little terror has gotten bigger since that last snowshoeing trip. Now his nice hunting sweater looks a lot more like a tank top, and there's definitely some midriff showing. So why not make him a  new one, with material I already own?

I started with his rain jacket (yeah, the dog practically has a whole closet full of clothes... haha not).
I didn't want to use quick relase buckles, so I traced strap-like pieces in place of the webbing. I made a muslin pattern first so that:
a) I could make sure it fit him before using my fancy real material
b) I could use it again to make him a closet-ful of jackets
I tried the muslin on him while bribing him to stay still with dehydrated sweet potato sticks wrapped in chicken jerky (yum, right?) Once I was satisfied with the size, I traced the pattern onto my front and back pieces - I used a green checkered flannel that I'd gotten on sale at Joanns for like $1.99/yd last year and a brown minky that I used to back my parents' anniversary quilt (more on that later).
Before cutting out my back, I decided I wanted to quilt the pieces together, and I remembered that when I quilt things, the layers shift. So better to use bigger allowances so that the exact pieces don't shift away from each other. The cream-colored layer is Warm N Natural quilt batting, also on hand from some other project.
I pinned the layers together and quilted them together, just following the checkered lines on the top fabric - I spaced my lines out with four "boxes" inbetween.

After cutting off the excess around my main quilted piece, I made some basic binding with the brown and white polka dot material I used to bind my parents' quilt (again, I'll post that later).
I started by sewing the binding to the back (brown side) of the jacket, with the raw edge facing out, and the folded binding edge facing in. The curves around the shape were tricky, believe me.
For the strap corners, I mitered the edge using the normal technique for blanekt/quilt edges. I then took the folded side and wrapped it around to the green front, and topstiched it down. Not my best binding work ever, but not too shabby. Sorry for not having a photo of it.
The dog doesn't seem to mind my less-than-stellar binding job.
Yeah, that's right. He's wearing a quilted three-layer jacket and he still has to keep warm by the fire?!

Billy doesn't mind the jacket, but says that it looks like a horse blanket. Oh well.
It velcros in the front (under his collar) and on his underside (around his tummy).
And, once I finished it, I realized that it's reversible! So maybe a photo of the brown side another day.
Lovely dog/horse coat for my sweet pup. And he really doesn't mind it so much! Now the next one I make should have buttons. Or feathers. Or maybe sequins? Maybe I need a girl dog next...

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