Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the goose loves friendsmas

Christmas came early this year!

Not real Christmas. Friendsmas (Christmas+friends). This year (like last year, actually), my two best friends  here in Portland are going home for Christmas, while Billy and I stayed up here. We still wanted to get together and exchange some gifts, though, so we all gathered at our house on Monday (you like how timely this post is?! it's not weeks late, like my usual ones!). Our evening involved food (duh), some sugar, some holiday movies, and some gifts.

We started with a present for the Bentley, from his girlfriend Dakota. Bents is pretty good at opening his own gifts. He's better at opening them than I am at focusing my camera, actually. Except sometimes once he gets into the gift, he gives up on unwrapping and just starts chewing on the gift. Usually they're chewable, though.
 Look at those stockings, all hung by the fire! more on that later.
 It's a chewy stick! And I'm sad to report that Bentley has already chewed off like 14 little pieces of red "bark." But that also means he loves chewing on his new toy. Thank you, Kody!
 We baked a pizza and filled Christmas cups with soda. And I still haven't learned the art of focusing.
 Jackie brought adorable party napkins and plates.
 And our stockpile of gifts. Yay for pretty wrapping!
 The evening also included some sugar cookie making and decorating.
 And more drinking. Like my christmas display in the background? More on that eventually, too...
 Love the Christmas shapes!
 But this batch got a little crispy. Uh oh.
 We got some green, red, and white frosting going.
 Meanwhile, the dogs got a little Christmas "lollipop" - completely dog safe, of course.
 They loved it.
 Once I burned baked enough cookies, we got to decorating. Let the sprinkle fest begin!
 Even Billy got in on the action. I chose not to share his version of a decorated gingerbread boy, though...
 Pretty snowflake, pretty snowflake, falling down from the sky.
 And a J for Jackie!
 Lucia's the star. (And a rare appearance on my own blog, actually!)

 Carolyn decorated this pretty mitten, but when she picked it up for a photograph, a shower of sprinkles rained down. Hahaha.
 A few of our results.

 Then it was present time! Jackie gave Carolyn a rotary cutter for her fabric cutting pleasure.
 Bentley opened his second present, which I failed to photograph - it was a doggie backpack! Now he can carry his own water and poop bags when we run or hike... yesss.
 Jackie got us these ADORABLE beagle prints when she was in Florida! They're not speckled with white, though - they're reflecting our Christmas lights. And mom, can you spot the advent wreath? :)
 Carolyn got Jackie a series of pig-themed cooking utensils - Jackie loves pigs. And these are super cute.
 Billy and I got Jackie two squashes and a pencil. Yes. Anyone else watch the Jimmy Kimmel video where parents get their kids bad Christmas presents? You tube that stuff. Its hilarious.
 Okay just kidding - we got them a both a trip to the Columbia Gorge! It's a lodge about 30 min from Mt Hood, so we'll do some skiing/snowshoeing/snowboarding/relaxing/jacuzzi-ing/eating. The only drawback? They have to go with us. :)
 We spent the rest of the evening eating more cookies and watching the movie "The Holiday." Jude Law is hot.

It was an awesome Friendsmas celebration. And now we can all have equally-awesome Christmas celebrations with our families! T-minus 4 days...

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