Tuesday, December 20, 2011

the goose loves dog collars

Finally, I'm making my way through my list of to-dos! That list included making a few dog collars - two for Jackie's dog Dakota and two for my sister's BF's dog, Cru. The best revelation in dog collar making since I originally made some? Use ribbon.
 I order the webbing and pieces online, and the webbing comes in increments like 3/4", 1", 1.5", etc. Ribbon comes in measurements like 5/8", 7/8", etc. That leaves a perfect match between ribbon and webbing, with just a little on the sides. And totally economical too.
 For Dakota, who's a black lab/border collie mix, I chose black webbing, classic silver clasps, and two different pink/black ribbon. I used an applique stitch to attach the ribbon securely to the webbing.
 For Dakota and Cru, who are both about 50 lbs, I started with 24" of webbing (and 36" of ribbon, since I purchased yard increments). I chose 1" wide webbing, 1" metal parts, and 7/8" ribbon.
To keep the collars durable and professional looking, I looped the ribbon over the both ends of the webbing, rather than stopping the ribbon at the edge of the webbing on front. I don't have a good photo of this, but the ribbon basically goes from front to the back on each edge. I then sewed the ribbon down, going through the ribbon on front and back at once. Looks clean and finished.
 That bottom blue one is for Cru, and I have another for him with blue/green/yellow stripes.
 These are easy to make, and look so nice, too! I hope the puppies enjoy them a lot! Dakota got hers at our Friendsmas celebration on Monday (that post to come soon), and Cru will get his in his stocking this weekend!
Yay for Christmas being almost here, and hooray for crossing things off my list!

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