Wednesday, December 14, 2011

the goose loved the craft fair

The week after Thanksgiving, I participated in the University of Portland craft fair, which supports the Nicaragua Immersion Program. This was one of the main reasons I abandoned this blog (and many other things in life) for awhile! But it turned out really well.

Here's my bin of goodies, all boxed up!
And my display table. I made applique onesies, skirts, clutches, blankets, and a few other miscellaneous items.

I threw in a few Christmas designs, for those seasonally-conscious babies. :)
I think that making the skirts were one of my favorite parts, and I have a few more I want to make. It all started with this skirt, of course.
I also made a few "UP" onesies, so the children/grandchildren/friends of the faculty, staff, & students could proudly display their Purple Pride.
For those without babies in their lives, I made a series of clutches - a little larger than pocketbook size. Perfect for keys, wallet, and phone, or art supplies, or even a few diapers and wipes on the go. Big hit.
I typed up a little sign and price list, using my blog header image and my favorite Joel Dewberry fabrics from the Aviary 2 line.

I started with the onesies sorted by size in bins...
...But moved to the open format of spreading them on the table (Thanks, Carolyn!) so that people could browse through the options easier. A little more eye catching too.
Since most solid onesies are white, I dyed two batches - one a green and one a bluish-purple. I think I'm hooked on dyeing now. The dye is natural, skin friendly, and is sealed in with vinegar, so no color smearing or leaks!

To of my favorite below, that actually went to the same person! A polka dot tie and a "bib" of flower petals. The petals were time consuming to sew, but I love the look.
Overall, it was a lot of time and work, but the result was highly successful. Although I haven't fully reconciled my "books," I know that I turned a profit, and still even have a few pieces to sell. Look for me on Etsy soon... :) I'm also doing a few extra pieces this week for custom orders, and those will be super cute. I'll try to get those up here when I'm done!

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