Sunday, April 15, 2012

the goose loves easter

Now that it's been a week since Easter, it's probably a good time for a short recap, right?

When we were little, Easter was a big deal. We had the dresses, the white tights, the white shoes, the coloring of eggs, and the Easter baskets with candy. Lots of candy. And then a whole week off of school.

These days, in our inbetweener years (we aren't kids, and we don't have any kids), Easter is less of a big deal. We don't even get Good Friday off of work. Heathens.

But we did a little celebrating anyway, starting with a few cards for family. My parents got the one that says "Isn't God Amazing?" on front. :) 

 And I took this opportunity to use the free dog-themed address labels I got in the mail. I should probably send the Guide Dogs for the Blind some money now... 

 And we got a lovely egg-shaped card from Holly and Daryl, Billy's aunt and uncle! They're super sweet. 

As we did last year, we drove up to Seattle on Friday night and came back on Sunday afternoon. Once Billy returned from his drum competition in Canada, we cooked up an Easter feast. We picked out the smallest ham we could find, which turned out to be 8.5lbs for four of us - not too bad. 
And some candy, of course. Not exactly the spread from our youth, but we're also not quite burning off the sugar and fat like we could in our younger days. :)
 We made deviled eggs, too. Yummm.
 Along with our eggs and ham, we had asparagus, scallopped potatoes, and rolls.
Here's the whole spread.

On Monday (back in Portland), we decided to have some fun family time and throw Bentley an easter egg hunt. Yes, for the dog. Here's all the eggs (24 of them!), each filled with a dog treat or a few pieces of kibble.
We "hid" them around the house in fairly obvious places, all at dog-height. 

 Two made it into Moose's orifices.
 And one in the couch.
 Oh and one in SharkBait's chewed-up head cavity. 

 As you probably guessed, Bentley didn't really get it. For being a beagle with a "super" nose, he's not really good at smelling out treats. We pointed the first few out to him, and made a big deal of giving him the treat in the eggs he found, but he didn't get the idea of looking for more eggs.

Like at this point. He had just found the egg in SharkBait, but couldn't find the purple egg literally in front of his nose. He's waiting for me to help him. 
 And when I don't point it out, he gives up. 
Look Ma, no hands paws!
This one, though, he got. Look at that blur heading toward the egg! 
 He eventually found all of them, even though he spent most of the time going back to the places he already found eggs, expecting new ones to pop up there, I guess! 
Egg hunts are probably more fun with kids. And chocolate. But that'll have to wait a few more years, still.

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