Tuesday, May 3, 2011

bentley loves seattle

So I'm a litttle behind in the posting... I'm jumping back to Easter now...

And the alternate title of this post is "Not Sleepless in Seattle"

On Good Friday, B&B and I drove up to Seattle to spend the Easter weekend with Monika & her new bf Moghan! Also, on Saturday, Billy had a pipe band competition in Vancouver, BC, so he left me and the dog with Monika and drove up to Canada to do his thing. It works out well.

So we loaded up the car with WAY more bags than we should have for 3 days and 2 people and 1 dog, but oh well. (We also had drumming things for competition, which don't count...)
Bentley is like a little baby in the car... once we get on the road, he goes to sleep! And rather awkwardly, at that. Maybe his crate is too small? (shhh I don't want to buy another... hmmm). So here he is, passed out with his neck all crooked.

Meanwhile, during his cozy siesta, I was sewing up the holes in his soft toys. When he was littler, he used to enjoy snuggling and gnawing on stuffed hedgehogs, giaraffes, and dogs. As he got bigger, Bentley decided it was more fun to rip holes in their bodies with his teeth and tear off their tails, ears, legs, and arms. But he's had some of these toys since he was a baby puppy, they are really cute, and we don't have thousands of dollars to spend replacing each toy that looses a leg. So when we go on road trips, I sew up the holes and he gets the toys back until new holes po up.

In the middle of his nap, I woke him up by tucking a freshly-sewed Mr. Hedgehog into his crate. And after a few "I remember you!" licks, he cozied up with Mr. Hedgehog as his pillow.
Later in the drive, he reshifts and readjusts, deciding that this position is now the coziest. Looks awful to me, so I pulled him out of his crate and into my lap for some softer snuggles. And he slept quite peacefully for awhile, until we got to Seattle!

In Seattle, we had a great time with Monika and Moghan. We also met Cru, Moghan's puppy, who's now 5 years old. Cru is part black lab, part Australian Shepherd, and is the sweetest, most well behaved dog ever. He puts Benters to shame! Cru and Bentley loved running around in Monika's backyard, so by the end of the day, Bents was rather exhausted! Here he is, cozied up with Melman (the giaraffe) and Marty (the Zebra). (Haven't you seen Madagascar??!) What a sleepy puppy! Shh - don't tell Monika he's on the couch.

And then, after a lovely weekend in Seattle, we re-packed the car and drove on back home. Bentley resumed his awkward sleeping positions in his crate, as evidenced below:

And some minutes later, his feet pop through the crate door.

Looks like it might be time for a bigger Bentley home... who has a larger crate to donate??! :)

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