Sunday, May 1, 2011

bentley loves his grandpa

Last week my parents came to Portland! We had a great visit and it was awesome having them here. They also met Bentley for the first time! My mom loved him, and my dad thought he was alright. haha. We ate some great food and did the 4T trail, which takes you through Portland on four different types of transportation - sTreetcar ("Trolley"), Train (Max), Trail, & Tram (from OHSU). My mom wasn't a huge fan of the hike, but otherwise we had a great time. And the view from the tram is awesome!

But this is one of my favorite parts of their visit. One morning after breakfast, my dad pulls out his iPad to read a book and settles in on the couch with his coffee. My little dog, having run around enough that morning already, climbs up on my dad's lap and curls up for a cozy snooze!

I should probably point out that my parents are not dog people. They have never had a dog, and likely never will, and frankly have not been around dogs that much in general. So this cozy little dog freaked out my dad a little.
But he's so cuddly!!

In the photo above, Bentley's saying "Leave me alone, I'm snoozing with Grandpa."

In this photo above, Bentley has readjusted himself, and my dad is thinking "What the heck do I do with this warm furry thing on my lap..." I think my dad was afraid to touch him... haha.

And here they both are, reading a great book on the iPad. Or maybe the furry one is sleeping?

I'm sure this didn't change my dad's mind about getting a dog, but at least he put up with my cute little sleepy one!

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