Tuesday, May 8, 2012

the gooes loves tuesday's ten (#11)

Welcome to Tuesday. I hope it's sunny where you are, too.

1. Friday night was celebration time for me - major work deadlines checked off the list, too many hours of overtime complete, and an "excellent work" comment from the CFO. Yesssss.
Billy and I took that opportunity to try happy hour at the Doug Fir Lounge, a classically-Portland-weird place. We enjoyed drinks, snacks, and a white man dressed in full middle-eastern garb, robe and headpiece included, all for $25 (including tax!) What a steal. 

 2. The sun is back! And we are all happy. Especially my cat dog, who loves naps in the sun. 

 3. Billy worked the UP graduation all weekend, so as a congratulatory treat, I made him salted chocolate peanut butter cookies that I pinned. They turned out pretty good, but they don't look quite so hot. The cocoa powder makes them a funny poop color. After Billy worked graduation last year, I made him Boston Cream Pie. And although he loves cookies, he really wants me to recreate that delicious-ness. We'll see.

 4. It's not really fair to make Billy cookies but not make Bentley cookies, so I ended up making treats for both my boys. Bentley's were slightly less tasty, though. :) 
 Are they ready, yet?! I'm waiting!!! 
 I made a bunch of bone shapes, and then a few paw, fire hydrant, dog house, and heart shapes too. He loves these things. I can get him to do 10 to 12 tricks in a row before giving the treat to him, except that by that time, he's drooling all over... 

 5. Saturday was my beautiful mother's birthday! She just turned "35." What a young thing! Look how beautiful she was on my wedding day (almost two years ago, back when she was "33"!). 
Love you, Mom, and Happy Birthday! I swear I'm going to put your package in the mail today tomorrow!! 

 6. Saturday was also Cinco de Mayo. Billy worked a long day at UP, and I worked a long day at home, so we went out for a drink and a snack to celebrate the day of Mexican victory over something. We went to our local Cha Cha Cha, where we enjoyed drinks, chips, and tacos. It rocked. (Like my instagram shot?)

 7. Saturday was not as nice as Sunday, so Bentley and I spent most of the day inside. By about 4pm, though, he was driving me crazy so we went out for some fresh air and energy-releasing. We walked around Cathedral Park, under the St. John's Bridge.  

Bentley had fun - he pooped once and peed about 15 times. Gotta show that lamp post who's boss, you know.

 8. Sunday was much sunnier, and Billy was finally done working around 6pm, so we pulled out the BBQ and grilled up some burgers. We didn't have buns, but we had pita bread, so we had a burger-building-with-pita station. Mmmm avocados!

 FYI - toothpicks make any meal look fancier. Before, it was a pita-burger falling apart. Post-toothpick, it's a fancy deli-style pita burger.

 9. In less-fun news, we are on a mission to pay off our student loan debt in the next year. We were halfway through our 5-year goal when we decided that loans suck and we're wasting way too much money on interest and far too much of our income is stuck paying loans. So now we're paying them off very aggressively, which means even more of our income is stuck paying loans. But not for long.
Sallie Mae alone has about $15k. And then you add in the other four places between Billy's loans and mine, and you're looking at close to $45k. But we're determined to get rid of this fast.
10. Which leads me to last night's dinner - healthy and easy on our budget. I made falafels from Peas and Thank You, the same book I made the Blueberry Muffins (#5) from. They were pretty good, but I think I over did the garlic a bit lot. It's good that garlic is good for you!

Any of you making healthy garlick-y things? Or spending all your money on stupid loans? Or taking naps in the sun with your dogs?

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