Thursday, May 3, 2012

the goose loves tuesday's ten - #10!

Full Disclosure: I'm writing this on  Thursday, May 3. Two days late. Life is busy.

Welcome to The Official Tenth Week Anniversary of Tuesday's Ten. Ten glorious lists of ten, which means I've posted about 100 different things in the past 10 weeks. The only shame is that I've only posted about 100 things, with very little besides the Tuesday posts. But we're working on that.

1. This weekend we made Breakfast Quinoa, a recipe from one of my fave food bloggers How Sweet Eats. We used half coconut milk and half regular milk, since that's what we had. I added cinnamon-sugar toasted almonds that were delish, even if slightly over-toasted. We made a half cup of dry quinoa, for a total of 1 cup cooked quinoa, which is only half a cup of cooked quinoa per person. This amount makes it look like a fancy restaurant entree (sparse), but it's actually super filling. And tasty.

2. Our dog sits weird. Super weird. I mean what are all the legs and arms (or just legs?) doing at this point?

3. Sunday included a $130 trip to Home Depot. But, I must say, we got some good deals. That's a 6-foot fiberglass ladder for $40. Score. And we bought our first family rake and shovel. Yay for growing up.

4. Other spending included $10 on 16 wooden garden signs from The Plaid Barn (another one of those Groupon-for-crafters sites). I just need to slap some paint and words on these bad boys, and stick em in the planter box! Oh and plant some plants, too. Probably should plant things first.

5. On Sunday, after I spent 3 hours in the office and before we spent 6 hours on the garden, Billy and I fortified ourselves at Bunk Sandwiches. They're fairly famous, I think, and they've been on various TV shows like Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.
We tested them out for ourselves, and the result is good. Extremely tasty sandwiches, but technically a little pricey. Definitely worth trying.
I got the tuna melt (above) and Billy got the roast beef (below).

6. We found a new dogpark! And this one superly rocks. It's a 5-7 minute walk from our house, across the street from a delicious coffee shop, fully-fenced, covered in nice green grass, and usually very empty. In the past week, we've probably been about three times. I think I'm ready to admit that we're in love. Did I mention we can walk there? Now we just have to get Bentley to bring the ball back once we throw it.

7. Speaking of Bentley, he's still looking for people to join his Heart Walk team. So far, he's just got one lame team member (me). Even his dad hasn't signed up! But we did pass out 30+ of these invitations (below is one sheet that we cut into four invites) to my coworkers, so hopefully we'll get some participation soon! Join Bentley's Team and Donate!

8. Here's a sneak peak of what kept us busy on Sunday...

9. And here's a sneak peak of what will keep me busy this weekend! I swear I need a vacation just to get caught up on my sewing.

10. And finally, speaking of vacays, Billy and I are dreaming of a wild getaway over Memorial Day weekend. Currently topping our list is camping or cabins in Sun River, Oregon. Hmmm!

Happy Tuesday (Thursday) to you all!

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