Thursday, September 8, 2011

the goose loves billy's birthday

Happy Birthday Billy!
(Yeah, I'm writing this on Sept. 20th, which makes me about two weeks late, but whatever.)

Sept. 8th is the birthday of my wonderful hubby, and I'm finally getting around to sharing his fun birthday activity (and present!). So the morning of Sept. 8th arrived, and I still had nothing for him. (Shh don't tell). We had already discussed a larger present (to be revealed later), but I couldn't just hand him a card and say "happy birthday" and call it good.

So I brainstormed at work, and remembered the most fun gift-giving activity ever - a scavenger hunt! Last Christmas, I devised a scavenger hunt to hide one of his presents - a big brewing bottle thing. I knew if he saw the box, he'd know what's inside. So a scavenger hunt was a really fun way to disguise the gift. And it was REALLY fun. All the clues were around the house, and I ended up hiding a few smaller gifts in some of the clue spots! So I figured that'd be lots of fun for his birthday.

I took off from work a little early, so that I could surprise him at home when he arrived (usually he beats me). Jackie picked me up from work (thanks again!!) and helped me get set up since I didn't have much time. I hid all the clues, and wrapped a few small gifts I had gotten him at lunchtime (such a procrastinator, I am!). She helped me hide the clues (also written at work), and I attached some clues to the small gifts I got. I hid the first clue in a present for him to open.

Billy got home and saw the dog was missing from his crate (we had Bentley hiding with us, without his collar to reduce noise and pacified with peanut butter) and started to freak out a little. I was cracking up in the laundry room. Billy was quite surprised when we all popped out of there!

Before commencing the scavenger hunt, though, we went to dinner at the Breakside Brewery and had some delicious food (and beer for Billy, of course!). And then we came back for some scavengering.

Here's Billy, with the first (and only, he thought) gift!

 Bentley's considering helping Billy with the wrapping.
 Voila - undershirts! What an awesome present.
But they have a clue on the back!
Dorky Billy thinking of the first clue.
 But of course, how can you complete a scavenger hunt without a little bit of "thinking scotch"?
 Letting the aroma energize his brain, or something.
 And he's off! I hid 20 clues around the house, from the garage to the master bathroom. About a third of them had little gifts, like some new work socks and some pretty dress shirts.
 One clue had a bag of Reese's, his favorite candy.
 And then three clues were attached to his birthday cards, which all arrived perfectly on his birthday! This one is from his dad, and he also had one from my parents and my grandparents.
 A clue in a tree!
The clue for this one was "If I stay out here too much longer, I might get peed or pooped on!"
(Referencing, of course, the backyard where Mr. Bentley does his business.)
 Oh look, its a card from me!
 Nope, not DSW shoes. A dress shirt!
 This clue was hidden in the half bathroom, on the curtain wire.
 Bentley LOVED the scavenger hunt - almost as much as Billy did! He would race from room to room with us, following in excitement. I guess it didn't hurt that he was getting a few treats along the way.
 And the finish!
 Billy's loot:
 He decided to collect the gifts along the way and then open the gifts and cards at the end.

Opening the card from his daddy.
And the big reveal: here's the big present I mentioned earlier!! We got it a few days after Billy's birthday.
 Billy and I decided to replace my old and cheapo BBQ that I had since college, and we figured we could get a good deal at the end of summer sales. We decided to go with a gas grill, since they're quicker to use on weeknights and in cold weather (hello, fall and winter). And we chose a Weber, for their superior quality!
Billy looking like a genius grill master. Or a grill nerd?
 We chose the Weber Genesis, and found it at Home Depot. Billy price checked at another local grill store and found it cheaper, but Home Depot ended up matching that price and charging 10% less (they have a policy about that) and it ended up saving us over $80! So whoo hoo for Home Depot. And price comparisons!
Billy's tested out the new grill and loves it! And we must send a special shoutout to our parents - Maria and William Dempsey and Bill McWood! :)  They all sent a few dollars to contribute to the grill purchase, for which we are very thankful! (Billy will be writing those thank you notes as soon as he's back from his business trip...) And we can't wait to have you over for some delicious grilling. (Yes, Mom & Dad - we'll be grilling something at Christmas when you're here in PDX!)

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