Friday, September 2, 2011

the goose loves new knobs

When we moved into our new place, one of the first things I listed for replacement were the cabinet knobs in the laundry room. I know, not usually a big deal thing, but look at these - they're awful.

They'd look great in a baby girl nursery, or a pastel-colored something, but not in our laundry room.

 Here's your close-up. Pink knobs with green stitching. At first I thought it was white stitching gone dirty, but nope. Bright green. These might go well in John & Sherry's Pink & Grellow Laundry Room but certainly don't belong in our very basic laundry closet.
 Luckily, I scored some excellent replacements for very few pennies. Okay it was actually about six hundred pennies, but that doesn't equate to very many dollars. (Also on my list? A security dowel (for our sliding back door) to replace the one that Bentley's chosen as a chew-stick and a 60 feet of rope to haul home a yardsale bedframe and mattress I purchased for $20... more on that later.)
 So I spent a few minutes de-drilling the screws from the current knobs...
 ...leaving empty cupboards.
 Here are my nice new shiny one-dollar-a-piece knobs, which came with fancy blue shiny screws!
 Oooh, two knobs replaced.
 An awkward-angle photo of my new knobs.
 And the knobs on the drawer and cupboard below the counter, next to the washer & dryer.
 Ah, replacements.
Superly minor project, I know, but that seems to be all I can get done around here lately. Hopefully some big things crossed off the list during the three day weekend ahead!!

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