Tuesday, September 13, 2011

the goose loves canada - day 2

Good Morning, Canada! How beautiful you are!

Welcome to Day 2 of our Canadian adventure. Sunday morning was gorgeous, and since it was our only full day in Vancouver, we were ready to tackle the city!

Look at that snazzy boy!

Not sure what I'm looking at, but I don't think it's the camera.
This is a picture of our hotel hallway. Billy is standing in front of our door, headed to our personal elevator. Our door was the only one in that little area, and that elevator was right there! It was actually the staff elevator, but we used it because it was fast and very close by. Except one time, when it arrived with some cleaning ladies on it. They pointed us to the other elevator. Oops!
We started our morning at a coffee shop, which I was too half-asleep to photograph, I guess. We avoided the hundreds of Starbucks every block and went to a Canadian place. Still a chain, but really delicious coffee. That fueled our walk to Cafe Medina, a breakfast place near Gastown about 12 blocks away.

We read about good breakfast places in several different touristy mags, and this one was found in all of them. We really enjoy a good breakfast, so we didn't want to go with just any old place. So after a 20-block walk (yes, we got a little lost), we came across it:

So true.
 But, as with all good breakfast places, there was a wait. About 25 minutes, I think. So we are hanging out on the sidewalk and finishing our coffee when all of a sudden, the military cavalry of Canada comes rolling down the street.
 I really have no idea what they are, or why they were parading, but there were a ton of military jeeps, guys with guns, and tanks.

I know this picture is too dark, but look closely. Yes, he has a sword/saber thing.
And finally, our names were called for breakfast! Beautiful, beautiful, breakfast.
Billy's Mocha - they do not dissapoint!
 Cafe Medina is known for their waffles, and we love waffles, so how could we pass that up? Billy and I each ordered one (they come in around $3 each); I chose the lavender milk chocolate for dipping, and Billy went with the classic real maple syrup. We are in Canada, eh? :)

My mouth is watering for these right now. Trip to Canada, anyone?

 Knowing that two waffles weren't going to cut it for our day's adventuring, we also shared the fritatta of the day. Or did they call it an omelette? We saw our neighboring table get one, and we couldn't resist. It was delish.
 After getting filled up on a wonderful breakfast, we mosied around the city until it was time to get ready for the wedding! Then we drove out to Burnaby for the ceremony and reception.

Without further ado, here is the bride herself! Beautiful Lauren:
Lauren has had SMA since she was born, I believe, so she's in a wheelchair.
But that doesn't stop her from doing anything!
And her now-husband Chris, who's from Canada (hence the Canadian wedding). They wrote their own vows, and it was the sweetest thing!

You may now kiss the bride!

The happy Mr. and Mrs.!
Lauren and Chris have two adorable long-haired dachsunds, who were in the wedding!
 So of course Billy and I had to go visit the pups after the ceremony! Look at that little tutu dress on Alexa!
 And the handome pup in his tux shirt!

Billy's getting some puppy love. We missed Bentley, so we really enjoyed seeing these puppies!

 They are siblings, from the same litter, and really love each other.
 Christopher and Lauren did a really nice job of decorating and personalizing the reception. Here's our table name.
 And little placecards with dachsunds!

We started with sushi while the wedding party had some photos.

 Holly and Daryl - parents of the bride! Holly is Billy's aunt - his mother's sister. Billy's mom died almost three years ago, so it is special for Billy to see Aunt Holly, since she reminds him of his mom. Unfortunately, we don't make it to CA nearly often enough to visit with them!
 And the happy couple! They had put little bells at the guests' place settings - whenever someone rang the bell, they had to kiss!
 The groom's parents - really adorable people.
 And the bride's parents, giving a very heartfelt message.
 The first dance! Look how adorable that dress is!!

 Both  Lauren and Chris love Disneyland, so they chose the most appropriate cake topper! Inside was very delicious red velvet cake... Billy had two slices!

Oh hey, those people look familiar!
 Here's Lauren's family - Holly, Daryl, and her brother Matt. Sorry for the awful lighting.
 And Matt's gorgeous girlfriend Ruth! She has the most incredible voice ever.

 Cake cutting time!
 I love this photo, despite the awful lighting! They had just fed each other cake, and are both examining the mess on their hands.
 Back to the puppies... it was Billy's way of escaping the dance floor. :)
 But I got him this time! We're belting away to whatever song that was, I guess?
Not sure what's happening here.
We hung out at the wedding till about 11pm, when we decided it was time to crash. Overall, it was a very beautiful wedding and we are SO glad we were able to attend! Best wishes to Lauren and Chris for a million happy years to come!

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