Saturday, October 1, 2011

the goose loves the number 25

On October 1st (yeah, I know that's a Saturday), I officially transfer to the Investor Relations Department at PGE. It's a new job for me that represents a new start and a time for change. After feeling stuck in a sort of rut for the past year or two, I feel like I have new opportunities and a new outlook on life. I'm using this career move to redefine what's important to me and emerge as a more polished, professional, and driven person. That means new haircut (I needed one anyways, haha), updated wardrobe (necessary for my new position), and new goals.

On June 13, 2012, I turn the big two-five. That's about 8.5 months away from now, which sounds like just enough time to set up some goals. And if you know me, you know I love lists. So below is my big "25 for 25" list - twenty-five things I want to do/accomplish before I turn twenty five. Yeah, it's not a lot of time. But that means I can't procrastinate on these things! Many of these items will spawn their own lists, as I keep track of my accomplishments. And many blog posts will come of this, too. I've separated them into five categories with five items each (I like math, too). And you, America, will be my trusty watchdog, keeping me honest and accountable for these items. For more detail on each of these items, read this:

25 For 25: Where I include "25" as much as possible in order to overuse the theme.

Be Healthy
1. Run 250 miles
This isn't all at once. If it was, I would die. And that's not the point of this list.
2. Exercise for 25 minutes, 25 times a month.
Ok this used to be about losing 25 pounds, but I don't have that many to lose. This goal will be more trackable and concrete, and I'll be better able to record my accomplishments!
3. Hike 25 miles
Again, not all at once, except that would be slightly easier than the running one. The challenge of this one will be hiking through the wintery season. But Bentley loves mud, so we can do it!
4. Run an almost 25k
This really should be run a 21k, which is a half marathon, but I'm not turning 21, and this list isn't about 21...
5. Try yoga & bikram yoga
I've always wanted to and never have, so I'll be finding some classes and definitely briefing you afterwards.

Be Crafty
6. Sew 25 things
Any sort of thing, from a dog collar to a work dress. This will be interesting.
7. Complete 25 house projects
Again, small to large projects. Like framing something, or re-upholstering a headboard.
8. Make 25 new recipes
Hopefully I'll make some of those things I've always wanted to, but never have.
9. Catch up on scrapbooks and photobooks
I would have included "25" here, but 25 scrapbooks are kinda a lot of money and time. And photos. I'm hoping to complete our New York/DC Vacation scrapbook and make a new photobook for Bentley.
10. Make 25 things from Pinterest
I am developing a pet peeve here - pinning too many things on Pinterest but not doing anything about them. So I will be proactive.

Be Smart
11. Learn 25 new songs on the piano
I haven't played in a shamefully long time, so this goal will get me back on the horse. Or keyboard.
12. Make 25 new business contacts (internal or external)
This is my career-facing goal - I want to broaden my network, and I think this new job will really help!
13. Learn 25 things about photography
As you can see in my photos so far, I have plenty to learn. Particularly lighting.
14. Read 25 good books
Seems like a lot of books, especially when I'm also working on sewing and stuff, but with an hour of commuting each day, I bet I can do it.
15. Learn to ski well
Appropriate for winter, even though it doesn't help me with #24.

Be Generous
16. Make 25 things for others
I already have some projects in mind! This will include sewing, crafting, framing, cooking, etc.
17. Take Bentley to the dogpark 25 times
That beagle boy needs to run!
18. Volunteer for at least 25 hours
I was good about this in high school, but have severely dropped the ball recently. I want to be regular about volunteering somewhere, and hopefully Billy will join me!
19. Write/send 25 letters, cards, or packages (besides birthday cards)
I love doing these things, but never focus enough on it. Here's to keeping in touch more!
20. Donate $25 a month to a good cause
Again - I need to think of others more, and myself less.

Be Adventurous
21. Go horseback riding
I never have!
22. Go on a spontaneous adventure
Road trip, anyone? This probably won't include international travel or trips longer than a weekend...
23. Go to Crater Lake and/or Bend
Hopefully Billy and I can steal away from work for a few days and drive south - we've always wanted to go!
24. Save $2500 (on top of our normal savings)
Even though this goal goes against goal #s 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, which likely involve spending money, I think it's really important for me. And it will help me find more creative (and cost-effective) solutions for all those goals that might require some cash.
25. Clean the house 25 times a month
This goal is not about counting the times I clean but more about cleaning more regularly. I usually let things - like laundry - build up for a week or two and then I have a lot to do at once. My goal here is to do little bits at a time, so that cleaning is never hugely time consuming or overwhelming.

Wow, right? I better get started! These things will keep me busy, especially through the wintery rainy months in Portland, when motivation goes down and the "blah" feeling takes over! And hopefully, by the time I'm 25, I'll have an array of accomplishments to share.

[A few rules - I won't "double-count" projects unless I get really desperate - for example, projects for #6 could easily meet the qualifications for #10 and #16, but I'll try to have them count for just one. For #20, I will count 9 months - Oct through June - for a total of $225. But I could end up donating $50 one month to a certain cause and $0 the next month...For #24, I will make transfers to or deposits in our savings account - just because I declined going out to dinner and "saved" that money doesn't mean that counts toward the goal. That's a big challenge!]

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