Monday, October 3, 2011

the goose loves cinnamon roll pancakes

So welcome to my first post since October 1st. And yeah, the date on this technically says October 3rd or something, but don't let me fool you. It's really October 17th. I'm going back in time to post this.

Since posting my 25 for 25 List, I've been rather busy. Didn't you see all those thing I have to do? Plus, I started a new job. Which is going fabulously, by the way! But that's for another post.

So on October 2nd (I think), I knew I better get started toward my goals. And what easier way than making a delicious breakfast? So this is one tick off the "Make 25 things from Pinterest" list. For those of you who don't didn't have many hours at work to waste away, Pinterest is simply a virtual bulletin board. And a wonderful gift from God, if you are a visual/crafty/inspired person like me. So spend a few minutes signing up, and follow me on Pinterest!

I found the following photo on Pinterest (link in caption). Heavenly-looking, right? Yeah I thought so too. And Billy had no objections. Bentley wouldn't have either, if I gave him the option.
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes found here!
The recipe is pretty straightforward. You make some pancake batter - I used the recipe in the link, but you could really use whatever recipe you love.
Then make your cinnamon mixture, with main ingredients of cinnamon and butter. Yum. Yeah, I definitely had to work on Goal #1 & 2 (Run 250 miles and exercise 25 minutes a day) after this one...
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes are not complete without cream cheese frosting glaze.
Pour your pancake(s) into your hot pan (I used our small All Clad non-stick and made big pancakes). Let bubbles form.
Once you see some bubbles, drizzle your cinnamon mixture on top by cutting the tip off your ziploc bag. My melted butter was having trouble mixing completely with my sugar, so at first, all the liquidy butter came out. Not that butter is a problem. Then my cinnamon came out nice and pasty-like, which was a good consistency.

Let the pancake cook a few seconds longer, then flip over! Yeah, cinnamon-y-ness all over your pan. Yum.
And repeat for Pancake 2.
I already had practice from the first pancake, so the cinnamon drizzle was better this time.

Mmm. I wish I had these again right now.

Ahh, finally - the result. Gooey cinnamon-filled-ridges and light fluffy pancakes.
Oh and with the glaze, of course. Not complete without.
Let me warn you, these are sweet! But Billy and I each had just one (about 8" diameter?) and it was plenty. Just perfect.
Whew. One post down, finally! And one item to check off the list.

Stick around, though, as I get another couple posts out! There's more list to check off...

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