Wednesday, November 23, 2011

bentley loves the dogpark

Let me take a minute to apologize profusely to you loyal blog readers. In the craziness of the mound of sewing I've found myself in, my blog has been pushed to the wayside. Deadlines will do that, I guess. Never fear, plenty of great posts coming, as I find more time for life and spend less time sewing!

Here's one for the 25 for 25 list. #17: Take Bentley to the dogpark 25 times.

So far, my success with this one is feeble. Before last weekend, the dogpark count was 1. Now, after last weekend, the dogpark count is 3! Yes, I tripled that count.

Since it's been so cold, rainy, and dark here, running after work has been nonexistent (so much for #1 and #2). This means that Bentley's getting little to no exercise during the week. He's mostly a lazy dog anyway, but after a couple days without a walk, he's pulling all my fabric off the table and chewing on whatever furniture he can find, and every so often, goes on these crazy sprint circuits around the ottoman.

So last weekend, Billy and I decided it was high time for some dogpark action. And Bentley was so angelic the rest of Saturday, so we decided to take him on Sunday, too! Here's some action from Saturday.
We motivated ourselves to get out there first thing in the morning by getting some coffee. Rare treat these days!

Chasing his friend "Roo"

He basically just loves chasing the big dogs.

Dog-butt action. Bentley has the stick this time.

Look at those ears fly!


"Wow, Mom - I love to run!"
 And this is the part that makes the cold mornings in the mud all worth it: a sleepy beagle lazing by the fire. Sleepy Bentley=Angel Bentley.
Thank God for dogparks.

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