Wednesday, March 21, 2012

bentley loves his friend moose

Yeah, I guess we're bad dog parents. Our 30-pound big-eared furry pup is spoiled.

Generally, we do a good job. We buy him treats in bulk at Costco, not those fancy little cookies at pet "boutiques", we don't take him to daycare very often, and we don't buy him all the latest toys at Petsmart.

But then his big black eyes look into our souls and he gives us his best puppy dog face (yeah, that's where that comes from) and it's hard to say no. So we say, "sure, Bentley, you're so cute, why don't you hop up onto the couch and sit with us and look longingly at our dinner."

Our major weakness is large stuffed animals, though. He loves a good toy, and when they're as big as he is, it's even more fun. Our first weak moment was in Vancouver Canada, when we bought the elephant. That elephant is now stuffing-less, eye-less, trunk-less, and tail-less. But well loved.

Our most recent moment of stuffed animal generosity was care of Costco, who, for whatever reason, decided to sell giant moose stuffed animals. For super cheap. And who can say no to the thought of a 13-inch-tall furry beagle pulling around a 60-inch tall (if not taller) furry moose? Well not us. I plopped that into our cart along with the chicken breasts and artichoke dip and brought that sucker home.

No joke, this thing is huge.

We sat Moose down on the couch and snapped a few photos before fetching the pooch from his crate upstairs.

And then we videoed said pooch's reaction. Heck yes.

These links will take you to three terrific videos I posted on YouTube. Just wait. These will go viral.

Please note Mr. Elephant's pelt being squished by Moose's foot.
Billy and I didn't agree on how the introduction would go. He thought Bentley would be afraid, but I wasn't so sure... I thought he'd be more like "ho hum, a giant new toy."

In case you didn't watch the awesome videos above, Billy wins. (Go to link #2 - "Bentley Howls at Moose" for that action). It probably didn't help that Billy pretended Moose was alive, by waving his arms around and talking like a moose might. Not sure how accurate he was.
As you'll see, by the last video, Bentley was calming down about Moose's new presence in our house. Treats helped, for sure. By the end, they were the two best friends that anyone could have...

Since Moose's first day, Bentley's gotten much more familiar with the large toy. The eyes were the first to go.

Now Moose serves as chew toy and pillow.

Surprisingly enough, it's still got a decent amount of stuffing. No eyes, but stuffing. Moose did lose most of an antler yesterday, though... sad day. But how many puppies get to say they got a moose? At least, how many city puppies get to say that? How many puppies talk in general? Not ours, but he sure tells us how much he loves us. And with those eyes, we'd buy him 5 more Meece (Mooses?) in an instant.

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  1. I was literally laughing out loud at the second video! Too funny :)