Sunday, March 11, 2012

the goose loves baby things

It's true. I love all things baby. Baby kitchen utensils, baby puppies, and baby babies. And I love sewing baby things. Partly because they go pretty quickly, and partly because they're usually very cute.

Our friends David and Brianne are having their very first baby (a boy!) in a few weeks, and so I made them a couple gifts. Here they are, as I was wrapping them up (forgive the bad lighting).

I made two bibs (identical, but reversible; this photo shows the two different sides) and four pee-pee-tee-pees. Those little tee-pee cones are supposed to be plopped onto the little boy's "cannon" when changing his diaper to prevent it from spewing all over the place, as it tends to do when exposed to air. Or so I'm told.
I also made my first little baby hat! I used the same jungle-patterned cotton knit for all of the presents, to keep things coordinated, and it worked pretty well. It's a stretchy fabric, very similar to the fabric used for baby clothing/onesies, so it was perfect for a hat. A little tricky to sew with, though, because of the stretch.
This part was most fun - it's a "taggie" toy - I've seen the toys and blankets all over the internets (blogland and pinterest) - supposedly babies love to play with the floppy ribbons, especially with the different colors and textures. Luckily, the ribbon I already had on hand coordinated well and was varied in size and shape.
I used the same knit for the top and a plain white minky for the back. I also wrapped up a little brown and white striped onesie, and I added a piece of the same jungle knit to the front so that it would match the hat. I also made a basic 45" square blanket with the knit on top and a brown flannel on bottom. Somehow, I forgot to photograph those. Maybe David and Brianne will allow me to take some photos of those when new baby P is actually using them! :) Congrats on the soon-to-be-new-little-one! Can't wait to meet him!!

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