Tuesday, March 6, 2012

the goose loves tuesday's ten (#2)

 Welcome to the second edition of Tuesday's Ten. My track record is pretty good so far, huh! You can catch the first episode here!

1. We went grocery shopping on Saturday, starting at the market on the way to St. John's. We checked most of our veggies off there... mmm. A bag of mushrooms for a dollar? Yes please. Red peppers for 50 cents each? You bet I'll take four.
 2. If Billy had full control of which dog we'd get next, this would be Pooch #2 (an English bulldgog, shown here in puppy form). Thankfully, I can provide input too.
 3. On Saturday morning, while Billy made an unexpected trip to work, I whipped up a batch of these baby cinnamon-sugar-donut-muffin-things, with a recipe from the Sunday Baker. They came out pretty tasty.

 4. On Sunday, we had a rare visit from the sun, and so everybody in Portland was either enjoying the day outside or buying sunglasses so they don't get blinded. Bentley spent the day imitating cats sleeping in the sun.
 5. For dinner Sunday night, Billy was inspired to make Chicken Marbella - originally the recipe was in The Silver Palate cookbook, but he used the revised version from Cooks Illustrated. I made the brussels sprouts to go on the side.
 6. Can you guess what my next project is?
 7. That furry dog sure knows how to find the coziest spots for naps. Billy does a good job too, I guess.
8. We went to the dogpark on Sunday to let the pooch run free, and found out that the Portland Trailblazers (our NBA team) are going to remodel one of the dog parks in Portland. Ours is one of the top three! You can help us out by voting here.
 9. This coming Saturday, this will be our view from behind... here I come, snowshoes!

 10. And for the finale - yes, we bought the giant moose from Costco. And the dog spent 20 minutes howling at it. And we laughed for all 20 minutes. More to come on that later.

Come back for 10 more next Tuesday, and hopefully some inbetween!

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