Monday, February 28, 2011

the goose loves food

This weekend was horrendously cold and wet. So what better to do than make tasty goodies in the warm kitchen? :) Also, Billy's dad Bill has visited us this past weekend, so we had to treat him to a good time.

We started the morning with mini quiches, bacon, and a new attempt of mine - pop tarts!

Sure, we've all had the cardboard-like, overly sweet version of the breakfast "pastry" from the box, but have you had a home-made pop tart yet? They are both easy and delicious!!

Here they are cooling, before I frosted them. (Sorry, they were too tasty to photograph after they were frosted...!)

For dinner, we decided to make a traditional curry recipe that Bill's family started eating when they lived in Saudi Arabia years ago. We decided to primarily follow Billy's mom's recipe.

Here's the boys, ready for dinner!

Billy made a cardamom rice to go with the curry - here's the beginning of it...
And the finished product! Yum... nice job Billy...
The curry itself is pretty basic - saute onions, brown chicken breasts, then cook them in a sauce of chicken broth, curry powder, flour, and cayenne powder. Here it is, simmering in goodness!
Per family tradition, various "condiments" are prepared to go alongside the curry. Everyone can pick their own toppings, but most people use almost all of them. It seems like it wouldn't work, but the various textures and tastes really make the curry pop. Here are our condiments - yellow and green onions, coconut, pineapple, tomatoes, chopped peanuts, and crispy onion straws.
And the final result - nice hot curry on my plate, pre-condiments!
Bill was very pleased with the result, and we all ate more than we needed. It's probably not an everyday dinner for Billy and me, since the prep is rather involved, but it'll be great for company and welcoming the McWoods to our house! :)

And now, a little teaser photo...

Tune in soon for the details on this cutie...

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