Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the goose loves weekends

I know it's Wednesday already, but I am already (still?) dreaming about the weekend, and have pictures to share from last weekend, so today we're talking about Saturday & Sunday.
Weekends should come more often - that's for sure.

Billy had to work EARLY on Saturday morning, so we got up (I dropped him off so I could have the car!) and drove through the icy morning to UP. After getting back home, I took Bentley for an early morning walk - burn off some of his energy first thing! I put his hunting jacket on since it was COLD that morning!
We walked around for almost 30 minutes, Bentley tasted almost everything on the ground, and did his potty business too. We also practiced our good behavior skills, like sitting and laying down when asked and stopping for a sit at every corner. He did alright. :)
The rest of the day was busy (for me) and lazy (for Bentley). I had some cleaning/organizing to do, in preparation for Billy's dad and my sister coming this next weekend. So I did dishes, cleaned counters, cleaned bathrooms, etc. Not fun. But I did get some snuggly time on the couch with my puppy! He's working on his bone in this one. (Thanks for the PJs, Jackie!!)
By that time, Bentley was pretty tired out from playing, eating, playing, laying on the ground, finding things to get into, and eating, so he was ready for a nap. Sleepy?
I think so.
Unfortunately, I still had plenty of work to do, so I didn't get my nap in...
Luckily, Billy didn't have to work at all on Sunday (yay, thanks Bill Reed!) and so we enjoyed a lazy morning together. We had toasted zucchini bread for breakfast - thank you to Carolyn & Jackie for so dutifully decorating the bread with plenty of sprinkles. I also made personal quiches with a crescent-roll crust.... mmmm! Billy had spinach and colby jack in his, and I had zucchini and parmesan. Oh so hot and tasty!
I wish every day was a lazy Sunday...

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