Monday, February 14, 2011

the goose loves valentine's day

Billy & I have never been the biggest celebrators of Valentine's Day (Billy says "I'd rather tell you I love you every day, rather than just one day a year".... awww!). But we're not against doing something a little special, and Billy was in a cooking mood (don't fight that one!) and so we had a little Valentine's Dinner last night. Why Sunday? Well he teaches drumming to little kids on Monday nights, so tonight wasn't going to work.

We started it with a trip to Whole Foods (yum!) and he picked out a nice bouquet of purple tulips for me! (Excuse my poorly-lit area and my simple phone camera.) You might recognize the vase if you were at our wedding...
Billy had found recipes while I was at book club, and decided on manila clams in a garlic-white-wine sauce, salad, asparagus, & rack of lamb. So here are the clams, about to be steamed!

Unfortunately, they were eated too quickly once they were done, so no photos were captured. But they tasted delicious! And so easy to make, I hear...

And now for the main course!
We got a rack of lamb, already frenched (thank you, Whole Foods!). Just under a pound for the two of us. Billy seasoned them, seared them, breaded them, and baked them to delicious perfection.
Here they are prior to cooking.
And as with the clams, they were enjoyed too quickly after they were done, so no photos were taken of the finished product.
But let me tell you, tender, moist, and delicious! Wonderful to eat, and Bentley definately wished he could chew on those bones!!
And the best part? Billy did the cooking while I worked on my sewing! And I kept the dog out of trouble, for the most part... It was a lovely evening with my two boys!
Meanwhile, I've been working on a little Valentine's Day present for my dear sister. It is red-and-pink themed, and appropriate for the holiday! She won't get it until she visits us later this month, and I don't think she reads my blog yet, so each day this week I'll debut one item of the set. We'll start tomorrow, and last through Friday! :)
So tune back in to see the first part of her wonderful gift.

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