Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the goose loves walking with Bentley

On Saturday morning, Billy went off to work early (super early, really - 6AM!) so the puppy and I slept in. When we finally decided it was time to get up (10:45am?) we went for a little adventure! Bentley and I rode the streetcar down to South Waterfront, where we (meaning I) got a cup of coffee and peed (meaning Bentley) and enjoyed the scenery. It wasn't very sunny, but the crisp air felt good!

At one point during our walk, Bentley finds a big stick (more like a mini log or a small tree branch) and picks it up. I don't know what he was thinking -
"I can't wait to take this home and chew on it for hours!" or maybe "I'll bring this to a nice beaver so that he can use it for his home!" Either way, he was determined to take it somewhere, which turned out to be just back to the grass where he found it!

After we met enough dogs (including a lamb-dog!) and peed enough times in the grass, we walked back home, plenty exercised. Bentley decided he had moved his little legs enough and promptly found a cozy spot on the couch!

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