Monday, April 4, 2011

the goose loves penguins

A week ago, my coworker's son turned 7 years old, and he is the cutest kid. He also LOVES penguins. So I thought I'd further develop my craftiness skills and sew him a penguin plush. I didn't find any great tutorials or patterns, so I thought I'd try to draft up my own, until I realized that penguins are generally kinda-sorta shaped like geese. Just bigger... maybe a different beak and legs, and they need a tummy patch too. So I enlarged my goose pattern (with Billy's help - thank you, dear hubby) and got to cutting. I used black fleece for the body and wings, orange fleece for the beak and feet, and a white cuddle fabric for the tummy, under-wings, and eyes. I also sewed on buttons for the pupils. My end result turned out pretty darn cute, if I may say so! I didn't forget to sew in the wings and feet this time, like I did with my goose.
Here's a side view of the little guy... not everything is perfect. The eyes are a little crooked, and sewing up the hole at the bottom by the legs (where I put the stuffing in) didn't work perfectly, but who can tell?
He's about a foot tall, and maybe 6 inches in width (not really sure, didn't measure). But he seems to be a good size for a gradeschooler to hug and love and play with!
Oh and the beak isn't quite straight - the seam line is a little crooked, so it looks like the penguin is smirking a little!

But overall, my coworker's son loved him! He's named his new buddy "Penguito"!

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