Thursday, April 7, 2011

the goose loves her parents

Hoo-ray! My parents are coming to visit! Yay!

So, in good fashion, here are 101 reasons I'm excited for them to come to Portland. (When I wasn't sure they'd make it, the post was going to be "101 Reasons My Parents SHOULD Come to Portland, but now that they're coming for sure, I can change my list title!!!!!)

I'm excited for my parents to come to Portland because...

1. I haven't seen them since last July!

2. They finally get to see our place with things moved in, unpacked, and cleaned up!

3. They get to meet Bentley! (Believe me, I'm way more excited than they are about this one...haha)

4. They can take us to our favorite Indian restaurant.... yum....

5. We can finally do the 4-T trail! Even though I'm scared of the tram...

6. They can finally fall in love with Bentley! ha.

7. They can spend some time together, relaxing, rather than just working all the time.

8. They can sleep in!

9. They'll have to refrain from going to work for 4 days of their spring break... St. Clare's is TOO far away to go in for a few hours, Mom & Dad...

10. I can cook them tasty breakfasts, lunches, and dinners.

11. We can talk about lots of things.

12. We can play scrabble! And my dad can't hide in his office upstairs, avoiding us...:)

13. They can check out places in Portland they've never been.

14. We can all go on a hike.

15. We can all go wine tasting!

16. We can go to Slappy Cakes and drink mimosas!

17. We can go to the coast and walk on the beach.

18. We can catch up on all the important things.

19. We can go on long walks around the river.

20. I can give my mom her birthday present!

21. They can shop tax-free.

22. They can be reintroduced to Furry Bear!

23. They can check out rental houses with us.

24. They can see the things I've sewn!

24. They (meaning my dad) can enjoy a scotch (or two) with Billy.

25. They can buy us things. hehe

26. They are cool.

27. They can taste Billy's beer.

28. They can baby-sit their grandpuppy (HA.)

28. I can have them all to myself (I mean I'll share with Billy and Bentley, but won't have to share with Monika. Sorry Monika!)

29. They'll have so much fun.

30. We can have Easter baskets!

31-101. I'm excited for them to come to Portland because I miss them and love them!

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