Tuesday, April 5, 2011

the goose loves hiking

So I'm still playing catch up a little, which is why today we're talking about a hiking trip that happened a couple of weeks ago.

Carolyn, Billy & I decided to go for a hike. Sunday of that weekend was supposed to be a nice sunny day, away from the rain, and so we were going to venture out for a couple of miles.

And of course we brought the dog, who fell asleep in the car (rather awkwardly) even before we had started to hike. (He usually travels in his crate - cleaner for the car and more cozy for him).

However, we ran into a few problems along the way:

1) It was very rainy, not sunny.

2) We couldn't find the right trail.

3) It was cold. And rainy.

4) Pancakes at Elmers sounded WAY more tasty than hiking.

5) We had lost our best hiking book, so we were forced to use another.

(we have since found the good hiking book - hooray!)

But we went out anyway, for a short stroll.

Bentley had lots of fun smelling EVERYTHING and he found more than a few sticks to gnaw on.
Then we crossed a bridge: And Carolyn was having a blast: And on our way back to the car, Bentley found the biggest stick ever!

He dutifully carried it all the way back to the car - at least half a mile. I'm pretty sure that thing was twice as long as he was, and probably weighed almost as much as he does. Maybe he wanted to take it home as a new toy?

But in the grass before the car, he dropped it, and plopped himself down next to it to enjoy his prize! We let him chew on it for a little while and then headed back home.
Maybe the super-fun adventurous hike will happen another week!

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