Monday, April 11, 2011

bentley loves martinis

So in case it wasn't obvious already, Billy and I are not the greatest dog parents. Sometimes we feed him people food, like on Sunday, when Bentley tasted pancakes (one little bite!), strawberries, and oranges. (We did look up to see if the foods were safe for dogs, at least!) We also let him on the couch and we've given him small tastes of beer (he likes it), wine (he likes it) and scotch (he doesn't like it). Well the wine and scotch were accidental - so not really our fault.

Anyway, Billy made a Manhattan the other day and when he was practically finished with it, our naughty little dog gets his front paws up on the coffee table and takes a lick of the empty glass. We of course pushed him off and said no, but we thought his cute little nose in the martini glass was pretty adorable, so we filled the glass with a little water so that we could get some pictures of our little drinker. Responsible doggie parents would punish the dog and move on, but we're just not that responsible, I guess!
In this one, Billy's getting in on the martini action. Good to the last drop!
I bet Bentley wishes there was alcohol left...
And this one is my favorite - he must be saying,
"Dad, It's all gone! Can't I have some more please??"
Maybe more exciting news tomorrow.

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