Friday, April 1, 2011

the goose loves chocolate chip cookies (duh)

So last week, I traveled to Boardman, Oregon (3 hours east of Portland) for work. And being the nice co-worker I am, I baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies for the trip! Since I don't yet have a perfect recipe of my own, I went to the trusty and used the Award Winning Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe recipe there. And I must agree - they are award winning. Well, at least if there was an award to be won at work, I would have won it. :)

The recipe is fairly straightforward, with a secret ingredient! Okay its pudding - like dry pudding powder! I used vanilla. But making chocolate chocolate chip cookies out of this with chocolate pudding would probably be divine.

Here's my little puppy, waiting for a nice hot cookie out of the oven.

He's not going to get one, but he doesn't know it yet... :)

After figuring out how long to bake em, I was producing deliciously soft, perfectly chewy cookies. Mmm I wish I had more right now!
And my co-workers loved them - they are still raving about them.

My boss suggested I bring some to the next staff meeting... ha.
So now I think I have my go-to chocolate chip cookie recipe!

At least for awhile...

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