Friday, July 22, 2011

the goose loves fundraisers

So today's post is very much not about me, but rather about a special lady facing a difficult time. Through the blogger world (it's as addicting as facebook! you read one blog, which leads you to another, and another...), I came upon Susan's story. She's a lot like me - young, good history of health, loves her family, food, and life. But she's a little not like me - she was recently diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. But she's taking it like a champ and will keep blogging her way through it. You can read a little more about Susan here.

Although new to her blog, after reading through many of her entries, I was inspired by her strength and I really felt for her struggle. I can't imagine my life being turned upside down like that, and if it were, I definitely couldn't handle it with as much grace and optimism as she has.

Like many people suddenly diagnosed with a serious disease requiring lots of hospital time, medical treatments, and prescription drugs, Susan is faced with quickly-mounting bills - money that most of us wouldn't just have. So to keep her focused on recovery and healing rather than paperwork and finances, her blogger world is coming together to host an online auction/bakesale. All the proceeds go directly to Susan, and all the bloggers/bidders can enjoy some seriously awesome goods.

I wanted to contribute or help out in some way to the auction, besides just bidding, so I sent in an auction listing. I'll put my plug in here, but you can also visit the official site to check out all the other auction items and formally bid on any of them.

My auction entry is one handmade, custom-designed apron and matching oven mitt. I've made a few so far, and have lots more styles I'd like to try, so I thought it might be a good fit. There aren't any other aprons listed in the auction (that I know of) but there are lots of foodies/bakers/cooks browsing the auction and listing goods, so I figured an apron set would be at home here.

The one winner will work with me to choose a design and fabrics for a custom-made apron - I'll be sure to get the right sizing and styles and embellishments! I'll also make a coordinating oven mitt so they look super darling in the kitchen. Or when hosting. Or just when they wear it for fun! I can make an apron for an adult or child, and I'll ship to the US and Canada (Susan is from Canada, so they expect some decent Canadian support!).

Since there will be communication and custom work involved, the apron might not go out exactly within the 1-week timeline for shipping products, but a two-week turnaround is very doable. So if you're not busy on Monday, or if you are but you still want to support this fundraiser, go check out The Official Fundraiser Page and throw some bids down! Susan, we're all rooting for you!

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