Friday, July 15, 2011

the goose loves strawberry chocolate muffins

In addition to making granola this weekend, I made some de-lish muffins for breakfast. I started with a healthy (no, I'm not joking! it's from a cookbook my grandma let me copy! thanks, grandma!) recipe for chocolate-hazelnut muffins. Except I didn't have hazelnuts, because they are wicked expensive (East Coast shoutout to Brad). But I did have freshly picked (and recently frozen) strawberries, which already earned their own blog post. And what, besides peanut butter, tastes so good with chocolate as strawberries?
So I whip up the batter, adding cocoa powder to achieve the chocolate-y flavor.

I thaw my pre-cut and lemon-juice-treated-to-maintain-color strawberries, and then added them to the batter. (No, Mom, I didn't save and wash the ziploc after I used it. I'm sorry - shame on me!)

I fill up some pretty little purple muffin papers gifted to me by my mommy with the batter.

Here they are, all lined up! You can see I made 18. But I could have filled them more, so next time I'll make 12 bigger ones.

And, with the magic of the oven, 30 minutes later I got this!

And another photo, more poorly lit.

I would have taken a photo of the insides, but you're better off not seeing that part. Chocolate muffins with red strawberry guts isn't the prettiest. But tasty? Definitely!

And I still have one bag of strawberries left in the freezer for something else! (Maybe I'll save that bag, okay Mom?)

P.S. Mom - you better be reading these, or it'll look like I'm talking to myself...;)

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