Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the goose loves puppy parties

I know that all y'all are just waiting for the big anniversary gift reveal. You've probably been checking back into the blog every 5 or 10 minutes to see if I've posted photos of the most lovely anniversary gift on the planet.

So sorry to dissapoint.

The photos have not yet been taken, since we've been quite busy with other things. Plus, the present is rather tricky to photograph. So I'm also working on the technical aspect of that.

In the meantime, though, I have a wonderful post to share!

On July 10th, our dear darling devil - I mean puppy - turned 1 year old! That's right - 365 days on this earth. Not quite 365 days with us, though - only about 305 days with us since he was a little two-month-old when we picked out his cute little face.

Anyway, July 10th came and went and on the evening of July 11th, Billy says to me "When's Bentley's birthday again?" And I said "OOOOOOOOHHHHH. Horrors of Horrors! We MISSED HIS BIRTHDAY!" And yes, I said it in all caps. In our defense, Bentley forgot to remind us.

So while Bentley was busy turning one, we were busy doing other things. And in our guilt, we decided to make it up to him with a party! Lucky for us, another good puppy friend of ours also had something to celebrate. On July 10th, Dakota celebrated her second anniversary of being with her lovely owner and one of our best friends, Jackie! And it was decided. We'd celebrate the birthday and anniversary all at once, and July 19th was chosen as the perfect party day.

Jackie brought her two-year old lab Dakota (who is Bentley's best friend and girlfriend), Carolyn brought some bratwursts, and we all convened at our house for some BBQing-Bachelorette Watching-cupcake eating fun. Billy and I picked up a dozen mini people cupcakes and two mini puppy cupcakes from Cupcake Jones. Here are some of the people ones: Top left is lemon coconut (Carolyn's choice), top right is vanilla (Jackie's choice), bottom left is red velvet (everyone's choice!), and bottom right is chocolate strawberry, which three of us enjoyed.

And then the puppy treats!! Dakota and Bentley each got their own plate of a puppy-friendly cupcake (apples and carrots or something, with yogurt frosting?), a half-scoup of low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt (yes, puppy safe!), and some donut-shaped doggie treats. Sorry for the blurry photos - the real camera has found legs and walked away... for now... And here we are trying to keep Bentley from engulfing all of the treats all at once. He would SO do that if given the chance. And a better angle. Mom - I'm wearing a skirt with shorts underneath - I'm not naked on bottom - sorry about so much leg! :) Bentley is focusing on his food, making sure it doesn't run away. And looking at me, asking "Can I eat it now? What about now? I'm ready!!"

After we felt that Billy had probably gotten enough "before" photos, we let Bentley "dig in." Which means that I started feeding him frozen yogurt on a spoon. But then frozen yogurt started dripping on my leg, so we had played enough of that game. I put a spoonful on his plate instead, which he engulfed in one little puppy breath.

I'm not sure if there is a such thing as a puppy brain freeze, but if there are, Bentley definitely got one!

Once he polished off the froyo about five or six seconds later, we moved on to the cupcake.

Wanting the moment to last for at least a minute or two, I cut the cupcake in half and gave him a portion at a time.

He inhaled that half in no time at all. I hope he sort of tasted it as it went down!

He finished off the second half in one swoop, no problem, licking up the dog treat border too.

Meanwhile, his girlfriend was calmly and politely enjoying her anniversary treat. She daintily licked her frozen yogurt, even though it was sliding off her place (yay for sticky floors, which Billy cleaned up later!). She also enjoyed her cupcake in several bites, savoring the flavors of apple, carrot, and yogurt. Mmm.

If only my puppy was so patient.

Overall it was a great party with great friends. And the puppies had fun too. I think we'll have to do it again next year!

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