Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the goose loves fundraising success!

Last Friday, I posted about The Great Fundraising Act, a blogger auction for Susan, who was just diagnosed with lymphoma. The fundraiser is now officially over, and a total of $26,432 was raised! You can read more about the results on Susan's Blog or on Janetha's blog (which hosted the auction).

And my little entry didn't do too bad, either! My
custom made apron listing came in at $125! I wish I could normally sell them at that rate! :) That also means that I'll be making a lovely apron/mitt set for Susan as well (actually - I was going to make a set for Susan no matter what, but I wanted to up the ante and get as much money generated for her as possible!). So Susan, I'll be in touch!

And for the winner, Deborah Spear, we'll be in contact too! I'll put together some ideas/samples, but start thinking about your favorite styles and colors. I don't think the apron will be ready to go in a week, which is the normal shipping time for the auction items, but I promise we'll get going right away so that you can have a beautiful apron set ASAP! :)

A huge thanks to all the bidders and blogger donators, etc, for pitching in for a fabulous fundraiser. I'm so happy to be a (little) part of the cause.

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