Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bentley loves adolph

On Sunday and Monday, Bentley was a sick little puppy. He was sleepy and lethargic, and wasn't as into his food (that's a good sign something is wrong!). So we took him to the vet on Tuesday morning, and decided that he had eaten something bad but it had made it through his system!
[They also cleaned out his anal sacs because they were full... yucky...]

Since he was such a good boy at the vet's, and since he's been chewing through his toys like crazy, we decided to pick out a new, durable, long-lasting toy for his chewing pleasure. However, Bentley knew what he wanted, and picked out one for himself (it was in a low bin, right at doggie-eye level). So we came home with Adolph the Alligator:

As you can see here, Bentley already started loving Adolph on our way home, and already bit Adolph's lip. Adolph Hitler may have (barely) made it through WW2, but our little Adolph is not making it through a day with Bentley!

Adolph is supposed to be a tough toy, though. The guy at PetSmart said that he knows pit bulls that couldn't get through this alligator. So I asked him if I could bring the toy back if Bentley was able to destruct Adolph, and the guy said yes. So looks like Adolph might make his way back to PetSmart pretty soon...
I love this one above - Adolph looks like he's about to bite Bents in the face!

And then in this one below, Bentley shows Adolph who's boss, while Adolph happily watches.
And the makeout session continues...
This last one is my favorite - I think Bentley's saying "this is MY alligator - back off!"
Poor Adolph only has one eye now, is missing a good chunk of stuffing, and his mouth is cracked open... so much for being a "tough" toy!

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