Monday, March 28, 2011

the goose loves green cookies

So this is my last St. Paddy's Party-related post until next year (I think!). And such a fun one! I LOVE making cutout cookies, and have quite a collection of cookie cutters to show for it. I haevn't made them in awhile, and figured that it'd be a great day to use my shamrock shape, and while we're at it, why not make them green? I also imagined frosting and decorating them, but we didn't quite get that far...
Creaming the butter & sugar!
Looks like dough...
And a close up... I forgot to add the green food coloring until kinda late.
And then my dirty dishes.
Green cookie dough - going in the fridge to chill!
And yumm... shamrocks! Here's Shane grabbing a few to munch on...
And one poor shamrock with a bite out of it!
They were a hit - if only they lasted longer.

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