Tuesday, March 29, 2011

the goose loves corned beef hash

Okay I lied. THIS is my last post related to St. Paddy's. Really! So on Saturday morning (the day after our party), Billy and I woke up, did 3 counter-fulls of dishes, and then looked at our leftovers from the night before. We had a decent-sized tupperware full of our cooked cabbage-carrot-potato-onion mixture, and a slab of corned beef. So what to eat for breakfast? We could have St. Patrick's Day Feast #2... or... corned beef hash! The hash sounded way more appetizing that morning. So I chopped our cooked fingerlings, sliced our corned beef, and mixed the veggies and meat with two scrambled eggs. I topped it off with a little cheese, of course!
And what better to go alongside our hash than black coffee and toasted soda bread? :)
Here's a close-up of our picturesque hash...
And the even-more-picturesque and tasty-looking soda bread.
Yum - I'd eat that again!

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