Saturday, March 26, 2011

the goose loves st. patrick

So here is my OFFICIAL St. Patrick's Day Party Post.

Two Thursdays ago (March 17) was St. Patrick's Day. Two Fridays ago (March 18) was the birthday of two great friends of mine, as displayed on my calendar below!

Happy Birthday, Rachel & Allison!

Rachel was home in San Diego, celebrating, and I celebrated with her in spirit. Allison was in Portland, so we threw her a little party, celebrating St. Patrick's Day at the same time. She's rather Irish also, so it was a fitting combination.

Several posts will follow that detail several items from the menu, but for now, I'll share some general memories of the day.

Here's Billy, "angrily" carving the corned beef. And what's St. Paddy's without Guinness? And we have the most appropriate glasses for it... :) Here's a photo of the table set up, with the deliciously green broccoli cheese soup leading the way. We also enjoyed corned beef and cabbage (duh), homemade Irish soda bread, and potatoes. For dessert, we had chocolate cake and cut-out shamrock sugar cookies! Bt the end of the evening, Bents was pretty sleepy from all the hard work he did.
Hope you had a wonderful time, Allison & friends!

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