Tuesday, March 8, 2011

bentley loves ikea

This weekend, while restoring the house to an acceptable level of cleanliness, I realized how much I love sewing but how little I love cleaning up my sewing things and carting them upstairs to their home. On top of that, Bentley (who should have been named George, after the series of book starring that curious little monkey) loves to pop up on his hind legs, get his chin up on the table, and poke around with his paws/nose and find something good to grab with his mouth and pull onto the floor for a good chew session. Due to my habits of leaving all my sewing accoutrement
all over the table, his recent tabletop finds have included a pincushion, scissors, yards of fabric, straight pins, spools of thread, and patterns - all of which he found suitable for chewing until we convinced him to let them go.Therefore, we travelled to Ikea on Sunday and found me a shelving system to house my sewing supplies. A local and easy storage center incents me to put my things away, allowing us to use the dining room table for something useful... like dining?... and it will save us a trip to the vet to extract a straight pin from the dog's molars... ouch.

We built the cabinet last night, and tonight I look forward to installing the shelves etc and filling it with my precious accessories! A photo will come of the completed effort.
But for now, we can enjoy how much Bentley loves Ikea - from his perspective, the store is awesome because when we buy things, they give us big cardboard boxes for free! Destruction is so fun! (Sorry the video is kinda long...)

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