Monday, August 1, 2011

the goose loves berries

This post is really just a precursor for several more posts to come. And it's meant to make your mouth water and your eyes buldge and you'll likely start making your way to the nearest farmers' market. Or maybe to a real farm. Or Safeway.

Last Thursday, I went to the farmer's market at my work and spotted these fabulous berries.

They were selling half flats for $15 - that's six pints for $15, or $2.50/pint. Yes, please!
Let me take a minute to point out that I don't love fruit. I actually don't like most fruits. And I'm almost legally allergic to bananas. YUCK.
But berries? LOVE THEM. I can eat them any day. All day. No problem! Especially when they're baked into pies and muffins and bread and mixed with rum and eaten with ice cream and in pancakes or waffles and with sugar. MMMM.

So I chose 6 different berries to take home - these are marionberries: These big ones are boysenberries:

And raspberries, of course!

These ones are called Tayberries, and are Scottish! They're a mix between the raspberry and blackberry, and I think they're delicious. Plus, how could I go home having passed up a Scottish berry? Billy wouldn't tolerate such a thing...haha.

Blueberries, however, need no explanation. And my favorite, the ollaliberry. These bring back very fond memories of putting on my old shirts and heading out to Watsonville, CA to pick ollaliberries with my parents, siblings, cousins, aunts, and my Staramama. I liked eating them more than picking them, and I never came home with a clean shirt. The best part, though, was eating my Staramama's ollaliberry cobbler. Mmmm. So many berries, so little time. Luckily, I had the whole weekend to dream of and make berry goodies and concoctions.

So go get your berries and get back here for some awesome ideas.

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