Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the goose loves berry struesel muffins

So we're still on a berry kick - these are actually from Sunday morning. And boy, were they delish!!

I found the recipe for Blueberry Streusel Muffins from The Girl Who Ate Everything. Christy has a pretty awesome blog, and I've tried her recipes before, like the Chicken Pillows. So I was prepared for an awesome Sunday-Post-Church-Breakfast. And I was not dissapointed! I had berries on hand and was ready to go.

Butter and sugar - my favorite part.
Here's her recipe, all printed out! Click on the link above for the full recipe.

Mmmm streusel! Just brown sugar, butter, and a little flour. I might have eaten some straight.
My mini muffin tin, all lined up!

After making the batter, I folded in the good part - berries! I used raspberries and marionberries.
The raspberries were softer, so they were crushed by the mixing process. I like it that way - it dispersed their flavor and color, giving my batter a pinkish hue! The marionberries stayed more whole, so you'd get a big chunk of berry in the muffin.
Before baking, you sprinkle with streusel! I was rather generous with the streusel...Some streusel for the muffins, some streusel for me...

After making 18 mini muffins, I had just enough to fill up a baby ramekin. Of course I covered that in streusel, too.
Billy enjoyed it very much! I filled the muffin cups fairly full, so I had nice big overflowing muffins. I think I overmixed the batter a bit, because they ended up a little flat on top. Oh well. You can still see some pink in there.

Mmmm berry muffins. How I love you so.

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