Thursday, August 4, 2011

the goose loves raspberry salads

Usually I like to bake. I love making Brownies and Boston Cream Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookies among other things. But sometimes you have to counter the sweets with a little healthiness. So sometimes I make a salad. But to really be balanced, I put sweet things in it. Balance is good, right?

Like when I had an abundance of berries. After making delicious sweet things, like Berry Streusel Muffins and Berry Cobbler Waffles, I used my berries for health and made a rasberry salad. You've probably heard of (and salivated for?) strawberry-spinach salads, before? So this one is like that, but raspberry-romaine instead. And I even have the alliteration going still. :)

Here's my inspiration:To make my salad more dinner-like, and to add some oomph (yes, that's a real thing), I had Billy grill up a mahi mahi fillet (we got a package of frozen fillets from Costco - so easy and tasty!). I then roughly chopped it and added it to the salad when it was slightly warm still. I tore up some romaine and probably some other lettuce we had hanging around from the farm share. I included some sunflower seeds, cashews, baby tomatoes, bell peppers, and craisins. And to go alongside, Billy grilled some flour tortillas brushed with olive oil and sprinkled with garlic powder.

I chose to sprinkle the raspberries on top of the salad right before serving - I was afraid that mixing them in would lead to raspberry breakage, which looks like bloody guts.
Let me point out that this salad would be perfect for Valentine's Day. You didn't count all the red things? I'll help you: raspberries, raspberry dressing, craisins, baby tomatoes, bell peppers, and love. Bonus points for grilling sundried-tomato-flavored tortillas and sprinkling them with red pepper flakes. :)

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