Monday, August 22, 2011

the goose LOVES the beach

On Saturday, Billy had a rare day off from work and the forecast was for 90 degrees in Portland, so we thought it'd be the perfect day to steal away to the beach. We both love the beach, but between finishing college and getting married and moving and working, we haven't been to the Oregon coast at all in the past two years. Shame, right?!

So we were more than excited for this venture, especially since it'd be Bentley's first time to the sandy shores.

We started the day in the best way possible - breakfast at Gravy, a restaurant on Mississippi Ave in Portland. (Mom-Dad-Monika: we'll be visiting Gravy when you're here at Christmas because its THAT awesome.) Black coffee, of course:
And then Billy and I shared the corned beef hash, which comes with a side of french toast. Two thick slices of challah bread french toast. The. BEST. Ever. No joke.

And the hash was delish. Probably better than the Corned Beef Hash that we made back in March. But these people are professionals and I would expect nothing less. Then we slowly made our way to the beach. And by slow, I mean slow. Traffic was heavy just getting out of town, and then we still had an hour's drive to reach the cold blue waters of heavenly beachy-ness. But it was all worth it, 2 and a half hours later. Bentley LOVED the beach. And liked the sand. And really enjoyed eating whatever was in the sand. That includes glass, poop, cheetos, sticks, charcoal, and crab legs. Except we didn't let him eat the crab legs. In the picture above, however, he's eating a parent-sanctioned dog chew, which we gave him to keep him still and silent while we enjoyed some sunny beach lounging. We put him on his long (20') lead, which is why it looks like his leash is unconnected to anything. No, we would never let him run free. Unless we never wanted to see him again. I like the picture below because Bentley's back ear is going crazy. It usually doesn't fly forward like that. And wading into the ocean! Don't worry, Mom... I was wearing a skin-colored long-sleeve turtleneck under my shirt. That's not skin being exposed. Here I am pointing out a floating jellyfish in the water to Bentley. It looked like just the umbrella top part, which is why I wasn't afraid of being stung or pinched or whatever. Bentley then tried to eat it, but I stopped him. I can't imagine jelly fish being good for little dogs... Aww, ocean puppy. After a few treks through the water (which included some full-on swimming!), we retreated to the warm sand to dry off. Here's the beginning of a big dog shake: I love his little sandy paws. After our beach adventure, we walked along the shops for awhile and enjoyed the warm salty air before heading back to Portland. The dog was more than ready - he passed out in his crate within minutes! If only we lived closer to a beach - what good exercise. On our way home (which also took longer than it should have), we stopped for a much-needed lunch of frozen yogurt. These places are popping up all over Portland - self serve, including lots of toppings, priced by weight. And I'm pretty sure this was the most enjoyable serving I've had, since it just hit the spot. Chocolate and cheesecake froyo with mint chips, snickers, toffee, and oreos. I usually get a collection of toppings and eat them off before digging into the froyo. :) For dinner, we decided to use a Groupon deal about to expire for a restaurant called Dan and Louis. It's a seafood place (yeah, haha - we went to the coast but drove all the way back to Portland for seafood!) and one of the oldest restaurants in Portland. They had a really lovely outdoor patio thing set up, so we were still able to enjoy some nice warm evening air. I had a salad starter with baby shrimp on top, and then the cod with a side of mashed potatoes. Mmm. (Sorry about the poor lighting.) Billy had the Oysters Rockefeller, which he's been craving for awhile. They were delish. Overall, it was a really lovely day with my lovely boys. I wish every day would be more like this one!

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