Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the goose loves berry cobbler waffles

Really, who wouldn't love mixed berry cobbler waffles? I mean it's got it all - berries, cobbler, and waffles.... mmmmm. So I visited one of my favorite foodie blogs, How Sweet It Is and was inspired by her recipe for Blackberry Cobbler Waffles. Having a love for berries and a husband with a hunger for a delicious Saturday morning breakfast, I thought it fit the bill perfectly. Sorry the recipe is hard to read - just click on the link above for her beautiful retelling of it. Having an abundance of all berries BUT blackberries, I naturally improvised. The type of berry most ready to be used were the tayberries, a Scottish variety representing a mix between raspberries and blackberries. So I was halfway there, at least!

I just want to take a minute to show you how well my measuring cups and bowls match. And of course they are purple. Oh, and here is my puppy, sitting in the sun like a cat. Waiting for his waffle (HA). So I mixed up some tasty waffle batter according to the recipe. The part that makes this cobbler-like is the addition of uncooked oats. Yum. And then you add the star of the show!

And here's the magical part. Also, let me throw a shout out to Carolyn Blumenson and her lovely mom, who purchased this waffle iron for my bridal shower last spring! Thanks, ladies! :) Heat up the iron, spray it well with Pam. Dollup about a cup of batter onto the center, making sure to include several berries! Spread it out around the pan, and close. Then flip over, so it fills the iron. And maybe you'll have some tasty seepage around the edges... And about two minutes later, voila! Waffle goodness. They aren't actually the prettiest waffle ever, considering the berries make the waffles look like they have bloody guts. And I'm still working on making a perfectly pretty crispy golden waffle. It takes lots of practice (but Billy isn't complaining!). Oh and Bentley's moved from the sun, now, to sit on my foot. He's hoping he can be a visual reminder that he hasn't gotten his waffle yet. Bad news, Bentley... you aren't ever getting one... I'd eat one of these right now. And topped with a few extra berries, ready for Billy to devour.

So that was the start of our berry-feasting-weekend. So many more berry-filled goodies to come!

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